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The Awakening

10 Track Album

Released 19th May 2015

Worhol - The Darkness


Written for Crimson Moon Zine

By: Pagan Hel

Worhol – Katy Texas


Genre: Symphonic Rock

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The band Worhol founded in 2012 consists of: Ashley Worhol (vocalist and pianist), Larry Worhol (guitarist and pianist), Craig Malinowski (bassist), and Austin Fox (percussionist). Featured on our new solo release and music video, “The Darkness”, for the audio recording are pre-recorded artists including Noel Martin, violinist; Matthew Dudzik, cellist; and Mark Andes, former bass player for the rock band Heart. We play original music and lyrics written by Larry Worhol and Ashley Worhol!”


Indeed the ‘Voices from above’ plays right into the ears with its surround sound of mesmerising melodies. The superb tones of Ashley are sheer perfection and reminiscent of Evanescence. The poignant lyrics and powerful penetrating rhythms unite into a revealing drama that will bring the listener near to tears with its sheer beauty.


Bowing before you’ is a striking and predatory track that gives the piano an outing. Its ambient haunting of seductive rhythms and melodic persuasion is enigmatic and cuts to the bone!


Time to say goodbye’ is chilling as the piano guides the track with a beautiful exacting melody and over the top are the deep rooted vocals that pull everything together in an abundance of full toned riffs and a provocative heart.


Already Forgotten’ is a pulsating rhythmical outing that boasts plenty of feistiness with an even tempered vocal edge. It simply entrances with a ravishing and elegant stamp of approval.


Rage and Revenge’ is a magnificent romp of energetic riffs on a grand scale! The melodies are fascinating while the track bristles with exquisite emotion. It houses a bluesy encounter that casts a darker hue over the proceedings and the only track to be an instrumental.


In this Town’ is a sweet and calming journey into a world full of colour that is spell-binding and nurturing with a warm embrace.  Its poignant softness delivers a rather sullen and sombre temptation that is simply organic in every sense of the word.


We, the abused’ just implodes with a gothic infusion of haunting seduction. The sophistication coaxes with resounding amplification of varied textures that you can almost touch. It entices with a bewitching charm that is alluring and enchanting.


Jurisdiction’ is captivating with an all-out gothic teasing as the music begins to take hold of the soul and manipulates it to obey its engaging passages and lingers with extreme passion.


This album has everything and more besides and for all the people living in the confines of Texas are truly lucky to be able to experience a band with so much sophistication and alluring appeal!”


Is this what’s left of me?’ the beautiful craftsmanship of highly sophisticated riffs and keys mingle with the lilting female vocal chords while a punishing drum beat sonically propels the song in a deeply progressive manner and together it blossoms into an intriguing and thrilling rendezvous.


The Darkness’ is a strong and forthright track that broods with an impending doom.  Its lean riffs and sinister depth sways with thrilling melodic tones that again linger with an unbridled passion.

The taunting track The Darkness by Worhol



Such a beautiful album that is packed with delicious rhythms and creative textures that build the bands reputation to being an all-out winner!


The music washes over the body but embraces it in a warm endeavour which makes listening all the more exciting.
It twists and turns majestically and yet fuelled by a darker underbelly that captivates and allows images to be created.
From elegant melodies to more hearty and extravagant moments there is so much to enjoy within each track.
I can only imagine Summon’s shock at witnessing this band live and feel perplexed that I cannot witness the same live, unless the band decide take a step closer to the UK.
The provocative structures of each track are carved beautifully and hold that rich tenacity that you want to savour over and over again.
It’s gripping and punchy and yet calm and thoughtful and caresses the ears in a warm glow and also boasts a catchiness that stirs and swamps the audial with a rich and invigorating success.
This album has everything and more besides and for all the people living in the confines of Texas are truly lucky to be able to experience a band with so much sophistication and alluring appeal.


10/10 without a shadow of a doubt!


Track List:

Voices from Above

Bowing before you

Time to say goodbye

Already Forgotten

Rage and Revenge

In this Town

We, the abused


Is this what’s left of me?

The Darkness



Larry Worhol – Guitarist/Pianist, (Composer)

Ashley Worhol – Vocalist/Pianist, (Composer)

Craig Malinowski – Bassist/Visual Artist

Marty Naul- Drums

Crimson Moon Zine © 2015