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Wizard Eye plays loudly electrified psychedelic riff rock.


In a perfect world, the band’s biography could be nothing more than the above sentence, because it’s the simple truth. Wizard Eye’s essence: black-light posters; incense; patch-laden denim jackets; tube amps; boogie vans; Kung Fu; H.P. Lovecraft; D&D; shag carpet; white panthers; Sun Tzu; Ray Harryhausen monsters; fuzz pedals; strobe lights; cowbell; time travel; bass wah; the infinite depths of the cosmos… Are you getting the picture?


Named after a never-ending storm on the surface of Neptune and inspired by a love of rock, metal, psychedelia, doom and riffs, the Philadelphia-based band formed in late 2007. The group proceeded to write songs, play shows and go through changes. The trio presently comprises three like-minded brethren with two decades of music under their collective belts. Erik sings, plays guitar and occasionally works a theremin. Dave sings and plays bass. Mike plays drums. The band’s first full-length release, Orbital Rites, is available for free download exclusively through bandcamp (http://wizardeye.bandcamp.com/). Its second release, Riff Occult: Live, is available at the same address.


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