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If there is one word to describe Valence’s music, it is “powerful.”  Their focus is on expressiveness, and their music can be at times aggressive or intense, at other times contemplative and introspective.  Their compositions traverse different styles while their live show leaves audiences in awe.


Laser Baron, which will be released on June 10th, 2014 is Valence’s latest EP based on the fictional scientist Dr. Mervin Taylor. The listener can follow the story in the music, feeling the struggle between good and evil, and the transportation into an oppressed parallel universe. As a follow up to their debut album, Sleepwalker, Valence really ups the ante both musically and sonically with this three-song suite.


The band tracked the EP with audio engineer Mikhail Pivovarov at Carriage House Studios in Stamford, Connecticut. It was then mixed and mastered at their home studio. Illustrator Brian Allen from Flyland Designs, based out of Pennsylvania, created the album artwork.  In leading up to the album release, the band is releasing a series of short stories, penned by Geoffrey Schaefer, to tell the full story of the Laser Baron.


Starting with their initial effort, Sleepwalker in 2012, people have consistently remarked on Valence’s eclectic style.  Sea of Tranquility summarized this, saying the band doesn’t “go all out progressive metal all the time, instead they also inject some atmospheric prog and tasty jazz-fusion into their sound which makes for a well rounded listening experience.” Valence has been touring the Northeast area, making stops as far south as Philadelphia, PA at the Legendary Dobbs; as far North as Burlington, VT at Nectar’s, and of course our hometown Port Chester, NY at Garcia’s at The Capitol Theatre. Valence has opened up for bands such as Consider the Source, and have done after shows for bands such as Clutch and The Sword. In addition to this, bassist Ian Morris recently signed an endorsement deal with Warwick basses. The band could not be more excited to release Laser Baron and begin touring again this summer. Dates to be announced soon, so keep your eyes peeled.



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