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More and more, I love when bands add twists on the creative influences that they inject into their music. The Finite Beings is a standard indie rock band that is not afraid to take chances with their music and the result is a melodic and chaotic debut album that works more as an art house experience than a straightforward rock record. According to the bands bio, The Finite Beings use biblical truths and personal experience to relate to the listener lyrically. This a band comprised of only two members and they certainly make the effort to stand out from the crowd with their brand of independent rock. Although there is a few set backs on this album, it mostly succeeds at catchy, creative indie rock. The Finite Beings are not content to just copy the formula that may have made indie rock bands successful in the past. Instead relying on their own creative abilities to craft an experience that feels unique and inspired and never derivative. The album contains a mix of catchy creative rock songs and a few that serve only to drag the experience down as a whole, but thankfully those moments are few. The record has an overall feeling of change from beginning to end. It is this feeling of momentum that adds to the creative flow. The keyboard heavy indie rock can me calming and catchy at one moment and disorganized at others. These disorganized moments are what hold the record back. Songs like “Grasp of it’s Hold” only serve to bring down the record. It dissolves into a muddy jumble of an instrumental and does nothing to lift the record as a whole. Perhaps more focus could help. It seems that the group is at there best when they keep things simple and let the songs elevate themselves; those are the real standout moments and songs. I have used the word “experience” a lot in this review. That is the best way I can describe this album. It is a clever and creative experience that is not without its flaws but strong as a whole. If indie rock is your thing than check out The Finite Beings debut album. It might not move mountains but it contains enough inspiration to make it worthwhile.



1. Realization

2. Stubborn Creatures

3. Utterances

4. Grasp of It’s Hold

5. Awaken the Night

6. The Weeping

7. Black Hole in the Sky

8. In the Shadows

9. Paths of Negativity

10. The Adversary

11. Selfish

12. The Way



Donny DePala – Vocals/Guitars/Bass/Piano

Mike Nicholas – Vocals/Drums


Rating: 7 out of 10


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