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The Black Portrait metal band from Guatemala City, began in early 2014, as an idea from German L. for a new musical project. With a demo, he decided to contact Carlos and Jose to introduce them this new project. A while later, they contact Linda, who is known for being part of a previous metal band. They decided to get together to start rehearsing and know each other, with a very good chemistry between all of them, they decide to formalize the project. During the following months, they keep rehearsing and composing songs. Now, with a settled purpose, they name this new project, as The Black Portrait. Each one of the four members, have been already part of different metal bands, with enough experience. Actually, they are working on what would be the first EP. They will release their first single “Vacant” on October 2014. The project promises a new and versatile sound, not just for a Central America level, but internationally.



German Lazaro (Birth September 21, 1983) Guitarist, songwriter and co-founder of Guatemalan metal bands The Aversionist and The Black Portrait. After starting his career playing for many local Metal bands, he began his own project in 2006, a Melodic Death Metal band called The Aversionist. In early 2013, he met Jose P. Carlos C. and Linda, members of different musical bands and also great Guatemalan musicians, they decided to work and build together a new modern metal project called The Black Portrait.

Linda Orellana (Birth July 19, 1989) Vocalist Started her career as a Metal vocalist back in 2008 with the band Treateth, sharing stage with different bands across Central America and supporting band for Obituary in 2010, for over four years working with the band until they decide for personal reasons, to end with the project. After a gap of around two years without a musical project, she’s called to be part of The Black Portrait.

Jose Sotomayor (Birth September 9, 1991) Drummer Started playing drums at the age of 13, back in 2005, playing for different bands as Wounds of Eternity, Kharonte, and actually playing for the gore grind band Cirugía, going through a range of different musical genres. Actually, he is member of a new musical project with German, The Black Portrait.

Carlos Centeno (Birth January 2, 1986) Guitarist, Songwriter and producer, founder of the Guatemalan metal bands Agatha and Fractal Edge, Start Playing guitar at the age of 16, Actual student of Sound Engineer, founder of the recording studio OB Audio Productions where have had the opportunity to produce some metal projects from Guatemala. also actual guitarist of The Black Portrait, he mixed and produced the first single of The Black Portrait “Vacant”

Claudio Montufar (Birth July 21. 1986)Bass player and Songwriter, Carlos and Claudio had the opportunity of play together in Agatha and Fractal Edge, one of the few bass player who plays a 6 strings bass in Guatemala, he also plays in other bands of different genres. He was the last member to join The Black Portrait.








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