Syd 31 Review

Syd 31

The Last Punks on Earth

10 Track Album

Analogue Trash

Release Date: 17th March 2017

By: Pagan Hel


Syd 31 – Manchester, UK


Genre: Electropunk/Digital Hard Core/Drum & Bass


“Originally formed in 2012 by front man and producer Dr Magic, Syd.31 was born of the desire to create an exciting band that he, as a fan, would love to watch. Bored of paying big bucks to watch formulaic bands; he decided to merge his love of hardcore punk, industrial metal and sickly sweet pop music to create angry, powerful anthems design to connect with freaks, weirdos and outsiders. Shortly afterwards a live band was assembled by recruiting the band’s original drummer Liam C and Dani Graves on samples and vocals; hit the road and has never looked back.

Delivering an uproar inspired by the decline of culture and the loss of safe spaces for freaks as the world becomes an increasingly dangerous place for us all; this is no science fiction dystopia. This is real – true tales of homelessness, violence, isolation and destroyed optimism. The last four years of performing live, talking to people, and seeing what makes them dance has helped Syd.31 craft this album into a deafening voice for the voiceless!”


If you can imagine a few members from the cast of The Walking Dead singing this angry raging electropunk and also not a million miles away from electro punks Petrol Bastard and even a bit of Prodigy too – lucky people! It is quite an eye opener! Punk can be one of the most exciting genres if a bit of synth is added – it points the finger and when it does obey is the only thing left for you to do.

By adding the synth it takes away from the noise behind it, lifts the tempos to a fever pitch and gives your feet a reason to dance because they are simply compelled by the tidal wave of aggression and addictive rhythms. So far, from what I have heard of this album (up to ‘This is Industrial’) I am loving the tracks because of the drive and kick-back that exceeds expectations.

If this band were the Last Punks on Earth I am sure you would want to spend time locking horns with them as they sound pretty raucous and challenging to the listener on each and every listen.

There is even a little dubstep incorporated into one of the tracks but impossible to tell which one as they all merge into one which is a shame, however, I am loving every one of them!

It such a mutated construction that being into quirky things has just reached its most potent quota. With persistently energetic forces emanating from the speakers, it is hard not to become totally addicted to them.

It is really unruly, funky, and packed full of mesmerising groove! – so irresistible in my book. I suspect, however, that it will be too much for the average metal head, who probably likes their metal shaken not stirred, but for me listening to various genres broadens your horizons and outlook on the scene.

I was born and bred a metal head but these powerful waves are exciting and moreish and can be used as a good workout as your body just has to comply with the fascinating rhythms that are being forced upon it.

A little tongue in cheek is the track “I fucking broke my Guitar again!” which does sound like Petrol Bastard has had a hand in producing it, although, not so! Syd 31 really get into their unusual groove and prove they are worthy of so much well-deserved attention.







Beware of the Gods

We are the Freaks

This is Industrial

A Safe Place

Last Punks on Earth

Blood Diva


Sarah’s Song

I fucking broke my Guitar again

March as Friends




Dr Magic – Vocals, Songs, Midi arrangements and Chief Bozo

Dani Graves – Button pusher, Backing Vocals and Synth Stabber.

Kara Wolf – Destroyer of the Drum Kit

Bad Charlotte – Axe Goddess and Queen of Rock Poses

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