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SUPERHALO – the legend


There was a weather anomaly during the cold winter of 2010.. The temperature rapidly began to rise, snow started to melt in an alarming rate, extremely high winds had blown. Soon after, a terrible storm was raging. Lightnings hit without mercy. People run in panic and lock themselves up in the basements of their homes. One of the lightning struck with a fury in a tree tearing it into half. After the hit there was nothing except the silence. The temperature began to fall, the wind died down, the snow began to sprinkle. Five newcomers appeared on the streets of one of the western cities. No one knows where they came from. They emerged from the storm and were called SUPERHALO.


Superhalo is a psychedelic rock’n’roll creature settled in Porazyn palace and inspired by surrounding woods and wildlife.


The band resides in Vintage Records studio in Porażyn near Opalenica, and the musicians come from different parts of Greatern Poland (Poznan, Opalenica, Mosina, Nowy Tomyśl).


The debut album (Czerwona/ The Red) was released on April 6, 2013.


God Awaits Me Across the river is the first single announcing the upcoming second album or the polish band released on January 01,2016.


Recordings of both records were held in Vintage Records studio in Porażyn. The owner of the studio and Publishing is Simon Swoboda- the drummer.


Since the release of their first album, the band played dozens of gigs at festivals in Poland (Solidarity Festival, Festival Bluesonalia, Tower Festival, Szczecin Music Fest) abroad (Stoner Rock Night -Paris, Desert Dockyard – Cologne) and individual concerts with such a bands like Triggerfinger (Belgium), Stoned Jesus (Ukraine), Ocean.


In May 2014, the band took the nine-concert tour of Western Europe (Germany, Belgium, France). Since then Superhalo performes more and more in Poland and abroad.




Krzysztof „Kidd ‚Adamski – vocals

Dominik Ostrowski – vocals, guitars

Wrzos – bass guitar

Szymon “Simon” Szymkowiak – guitars

Szymon Swoboda – drums



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