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Sumo Sluts - FAT HOT SEXY


This band is great. Straight rock ‘n roll with great break downs. Songs like “Son of a Bitch” have lots of groove. “Be There” and “Before I Die” are also awesome. The singer in this band is original. Everyone in this band is good. The production of this CD is great. I can tell when a band spends hours on their craft. I wish more bands would be themselves. I love the fills of the drums. I love the lyrics to all these songs. When I hear bands like this it reminds me of the glory days of metal in the 80’s. You want real rock ‘n roll with groove. Look no further. 9 songs one cover. Give it a try.



1. Son Of A Bitch

2. Losing My Mind

3. Pretending

4. Be There

5. Before I Die

6. Believe Me

7. One More Time

8. Just Wanna Say

9. Wasting My Time



Phil Svetashkov – Vocals

Matthias Söhnlein – Lead Guitar

Markus Herbst – Guitar

Michael Kraus – Bass

Michael Bickel – Drums


Rating: 8 out of 10


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