Star Dancer Review

Star Dancer

Welcome to my World

10 Track Album

Star Dancer Records

To be released 20th April 2016

star dancer cover

Star Dancer – Detroit Michigan USA


Genre: Rock n Roll Alternative



“Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Star Dancer is a musical project conceived and created by The Star Dancer for the purpose of bringing the light & community back into the world of music & beyond.

Sharing the Native American ideals of the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, Robert Star has used his rebirth with the native sacrament Ayahuasca to become close with the creator and see the world & the people around him in absolute truth. Robert has been able to put his blessings into a rock n roll masterpiece album titled Welcome to My World!”


No idea what to expect from this 10 track monster album, but on pressing play it seems that Star Dancer are a bit of a throwback from the 80’s with this high powered excitement guzzling track which is titled the same as their album Welcome to my World. The next track Earth Mother Dancer – holds a bristling rhythmic intensity that rawks with a great sense of appeal. Third track up Great Sexpectations – is a track about being loved up obviously and flirts with a catchy chorus and a jagged riff!


She’s in love with Joan Jett – is a title to be reckoned with as its melodic grooves sound very tongue in cheek. It makes reference to ‘I love Rock n Roll’


The Weed don’t Lie – is quite an ambient slumber as you would expect, sounding like a Pink Floyd track with added sound effects and immerses the aural with harmonious vocals, and really gets into its planetary moment.


High & the Mighty – starts with a superb bubbling riff that explodes and sees Star Dancer breaking out of its comfort zone if only slightly. The effects are still far reaching with fantastic female vocal that adds great imagination and drama to the track.


Annie – Is a very ‘comfy’ track that possesses some strange lyricsalong with a very Radio 2 sort of feel attached to it.


Unbelievable – Throws us back into a void of magical riffs and slinky rhythms that festers under the surface. It is a cover of course, but executed with the bands imaginative stamp on proceedings and I feel better than the original, with added female vocal and unearthly sound effects! It is quite unbelievable!


Intravenous Flytrap – This tracks swaggers with a brashness and comfortable charm that imposes a captivating rhythm, embracing the ears with decent hooks and grooves.


Before I Die – Bit of a WTF moment here of deadly sore vocals and an awful acoustic accompaniment at the start. Thankfully it is short lived as it twists into a somewhat better landscape but far too popular for me to like this track.


I am slightly out of my comfort zone with this album it has to be said, but there are a few moments of salvation to be had, so as not to plunge it into the far recesses of the CD collection, however it isn’t a CD that I could play over and over again as I feel playing this CD just once is enough, saying that I have found myself hitting replay for my favourite tracks and feel that maybe this album will grow on you in time as it is slowly doing to me……


My favourite track High & the Mighty will definitely sneak past the marker post to be played a few times extra for its uplifting and addictive resources that are catchy, experimental in delivery and highly regarded. Kate’s vocal has a bit of a young Tina Turner going on I do believe.


The next favourite being Unbelievable which has Star Dancer’smark indelibly stamped on it and again catchy as!


A lot of it is very tongue in cheek which is why I always fear the word ‘Alternative’ although Star Dancer have a lot of psychedelia and rock n roll attached to them, making them different to say the very least!


Finally, I have succumbed to Star Dancer! 




Track List:

Welcome to my World

Earth Mother Dancer

Great Sexpectations

She’s in love with Joan Jett

The Weed don’t Lie

High & the Mighty



Intravenous Flytrap

Before I Die




Tosha Owens-Vocals -Tambourine

David Black – Lead Guitar

Wally Filipiak- Guitars – Vocals

Michael Massie- Bass – Vocals

Jerome Day – Drums

Kate Sky Dancer – Vocals

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