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Sister Hyde - Sex Change

Sister Hyde is here to take you back. This Toronto based Glam rock band is here to take you back to when Glam rock was in its infancy. Perhaps named after the 1971 Hammer film “Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde”, Sister Hyde has a lot in common with the early 1970’s. I feel it would be impossible to play their 2013 album “Sex Change” without thinking of the New York Dolls. Or even early 70’s Rolling Stones. This is a ramped up, fun record full of straightforward songs, provocative lyrics, and catchy hooks. It bleeds style and instantly transports you back to a time when Glam rock was a solid part of the androgynous counter culture. Nothing about Sex Change feels forced or fake. This band knows Glam rock. The band can swing from the frisky “I Want to Have Sex With You,” to the more serious sounding “Peter Pan Syndrome.” Each song sounds natural and is intensely enjoyable. As Sex Change plays on, it gets stronger. It becomes a cohesive whole that jumps flawlessly between fun and serious. But jumps so smoothly that it never feels compulsory. With ten songs that stretch only four minutes past the half hour mark, this is a quick fun album. It is not easy to attempt a style that was popular forty years ago and give it the makeover needed to keep it from sounding dated. Sister Hyde keeps a fresh sound on Sex Change, while keeping the record grounded in the best of Glam rock. It is a tricky balancing act and Sister Hyde nails it.



1. On The Rails

2. I’m Not Your Canine

3. Cock of the Town

4. Death City

5. Wanna Have Sex With You

6. Peter Pan Syndrome

7. Journey to the Center of the Earth

8. Little Miss Mousetrap

9. Sex Change

10. High Maintenance Bitch



Ted Axe – Vocals/Guitars

Jackie Moore – Guitars

Brian Richards – Bass

Tommy Gunn – Drums


Rating: 8.5 out of 10


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