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“A swaggering leather-clad figure, eyes, hidden under a veil of black hair and a half-cocked top hat dances to the tune of a dirty Les Paul. Venting poison with a hail of feedback, Hyde shrieks with a razor-tongued sneer that ignites the crowd!”__ Seattle Weekly.___”Brilliant live performance.”___Ottawa Citizen.

Sister Hyde was formed in 2006 at a New York Dolls concert in Seattle by Canadian singer, songwriter, guitarist and frontman HYde. HYde forged the Sister Hyde sound with his Brit Glitter Rock and early UK Punk influences in mind and added a decidedly current twist. The result is an edgy mix that features his powerful vocals, clever lyrics, catchy hooks and authentic guitar riffs. “They entertain. Especially their lyrics…Vocally they display a versatility that is much appreciated.”___Performer Magazine.

In 2007 Sister Hyde released their self-titled debut album featuring the instant cult classic and internet radio sensation, “You Look Better On MySpace.” They were signed to Heart Of Steel Records and gained a loyal following on the West Coast. HYde relocated to Canada in 2009 and reformed the band with Ottawa, Ontario luminaries Mitch Sin – Rhythm guitar, Jeff Mod – Bass, and Glen Hell on drums.

Sister Hyde was chosen to perform at the NXNE Festival in 2010 and in 2011 will tour Europe, Canada and America. Currently the band is performing and recording their second album “Sex Change”, produced by Jack LeTourneau (Iggy Pop, Ramones and Joan Jett) for a June 2011 release.

“A mix of all the greats!….HYde should be more famous than he is!”___LA Weekly
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Manager: Lisa Fishering – 773-934-4960, 


HYde – Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar
Mitch Sin – Guitar
Jeff Mod – Bass
Glen Hell – Drums


2007 – Sister Hyde – Heart Of Steel Records

2013 – Sister Hyde – Sex Change

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Sister Hyde - Sex Change

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