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Sinheresy - Paint the World


Sinheresy is a Symphonic Metal band from Italy. They have been together since 2009 and have only released three albums. Paint the World is there first full length album in which they have released in 2013. They are very heavy and beautiful at the same time.


When you first hear the music is very heavy and great sounds. The guitar rhythms are awesome and blend in nicely along with the bass guitars. Very well structured! The drums beats and timing on them are well performed and are not over done. Then of course the keyboards they use are perfect. A little keyboard is music just makes it sound perfect in my opinion. Another thing I absolutely love about this band is the fact they have both male and female vocals which blends in so perfectly together with each other, especially when they sing together. This album really gives me the chills in a very good way. I cannot wait to hear something from these guys. They definitely know what it is all about. If I had to pick my favorite song on this album it would have to be “Roses & Thorns” very dark and beautiful. Check this band out if you haven’t already. \m/




1. Last Fall

2. The Gambler

3. Paint the World

4. Roses & Thorns

5. Made for Sin

6. Break Point

7. Lost in the Shadows

8. Our Angel

9. Elua’s Gift

10. Lying Dreams




David Sportiello – Bass/Keyboards

Alex Vescovi – Drums

Lorenzo Pasutto – Guitars

Cecilia Petrini – Vocals/Piano

Stefano Sain – Vocals

Daniele Giardelli – Keyboards



Rating: 10 out 10


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