Rich Kid Blue Bio



The guitarist (Koni) and the bass player (Güenthi) had been playing together in different combinations and together with different musicians. They had tried out quite a lot together, but were never really happy with the sound that resulted from these various projects. Mostly the elaborations were too rounded and not straight enough.


So in the winter on 2012/2013 they decided to launch a project, together with a new singer (Marc) and a well-known drummer (Fasel), which would try to implement their own ideas without compromise. Since then, and with a view to newer appearances like the White Stripes and the Truckfighters, influences from Blues and Stoner get blended while a pinch of Punk-Rock is also added in order to capture the raw power of the guitar riffs. Indeed, the first EP of the year 2014 still sounds less like Stoner-Rock and more like straight riff-sequences.


Yet these fast passages were increasingly melded with the slower elements, so that an exciting mix of Punk, Stoner-Rock and Blues is to be heard on the EP appearing in October. Allusions to Black Sabbath polish this mix and make an exciting contrast to the faster parts. This path is to be followed to a first album as the live-performances confirm that the four lads harmonize. With more than 20 appearances in one year (among other things together with Greenleaf, Duel, Dot Legacy, Ape Skull and many more) they are preparing their set for the approaching concert season where concerts are confirmed with the White Miles, Planet of Zeus, Duel, Glowsun and many more.


Besides giving concerts the four are also busy recording their own sound. This guarantees the rawness of their recordings, which is also thanks to the fuzzy effects of guitar and bass. In the background a precise and aggressive drum builds a wall and hammers the beats into gut and brain. The smoky and whisky-soaked voice does the rest to textually shore up the music’s sincerity. All in all, Rich Kid Blue offers a varied range of songs, of which a video clip had already emerged by 2015, and which is accomplished with a lot of passion and commitment.



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