Razor Sharp Death Blizzard Review

Razor Sharp Death Blizzard

You will Burn

9 Track Album

From Beyond Records


Release Date: 28th November 2016


Razor Sharp Death Blizzard – Selkirk, Scotland




Genre: Punk Ethos, Metal Riffs, Satan’s Balls



As the name of this band suggests (Razor Sharp Death Blizzard) nothing is going to be a breeze in the park, in fact the members of RSDB are the remains of two other bands Swellbelly’s and Ridgeback, whom I have been informed on good authority they were two of Scotland’s filthiest bands and achieved national and international success in 2004 when the band formed.

It is no surprise that RSDB have got punk elements contained in their genre as it seems they have to let their anger out somewhere and shouting about it on stage seems the best way to go!

Using Politics to fuel their punk hatred RSDB sound not too dissimilar to The Exploited and the Dead Kennedy’s with very little in between for manoeuvre.

Now it’s time to shut up and listen to RSDB!

You will Burn – (Never jammer Intro) – this has a real aboriginal sound as the constant jarring of a digeridoo can be heard above an inaudible voice before exploding into a rage of hate. I swear if the volume was up any further my ears would bleed! It’s fast paced and anarchic with no room for hanging about and being lazy!

Christian Sun – It would be wrong of me to think that this track would be anything different than a chaotic rampage on the hunt for a serial killer! No it’s not going to slow down and become a ballad, it would probably break your neck first if it did!


“I am sure these guys are really nice, but I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley!!”


Rat in a Cage – Is just as pungent as the previous tracks, well perhaps a little more gnarly but good to get rid of your aggression if you are feeling in such a mood. It’s steeped in a good rhythm so you can also dry your hair too, providing you have any!

There will be Blood – There’s no doubt about it as my ears are screaming already! Although I am far too stubborn to turn it down a notch, what’s a bit of deafness (and blood) between friends anyway? The track is chunkier than a meat stew! And is addictive as on the chorus you can go round grimacing shouting “There will be blood!” and really get into the mood of the track, which is always good to engage with the band.

Meet Your Maker – This track has instant appeal as its fast, festering and feculent, it just brims over with super intense expression and leaves one with the realisation that these guys know just how to entertain – and in true punk/metal/balls style!

Right Wing Scum – I have to agree! Yes a political track that sees the bass creating a back drop with intense hooks and steely consequence! Slipping into a richly infectious swagger with roaring vocal lures.

Deadman’s Eyes – Offers startling sharp fuzzy riffs that really penetrates deep with sonic melodies and intense endeavour. I have to say I am enjoying this album probably far too much – it must be the punk in me fighting to get out and cause anarchy!

Defstein – Well, we have had the Punk ethos and metal riffs so this must be Satan’s Balls and yeah they are quite appealing I must say! There is a lot of meat on them for sure! That nagging rhythm literally eats you from the inside out, it’s so powerful and extremely addictive! This is the type of riff I would love to just play over and over on a high volume because it is so infectious! Wish I had learned guitar!!!

Have a Nice Day – Bass with reverb is such a great sound and really cuts the mustard for producing a fantastic track! Its fuzziness is heartfelt and forthright in fact the essences created are bold and ingenious to say the very least!

This has been one very interesting album to review for its glorious fast paced encounters and addictive melodies. It possesses clout in no uncertain terms and I can guarantee you will reach for the repeat on more than three occasions as you have to fully revel in the madness your ailing speakers are spewing out!

I am sure these guys are really nice but I wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley!!




Track List:

You will Burn (Neverjammer Intro)

Christian Sun

Rat in a Cage

There will be Blood

Meet your Maker

Right Wing Scum

Deadman’s Eyes


Have a Nice Day



Jamie Clark – Vocals

Liam Roberts – Drums

Mohamad McSwellstein – Guitar

Graham Paxton – Bass 

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