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Mixed Company

EP 2015

7 Tracks

Released 2015

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Written for Crimson Moon Zine

By: Pagan Hel
Mixed Company – Kenosha, Wisconsin



Genre: Rock/New Age Rock



“Forming on April 27th of 2013, Mixed Company has hit the Kenosha area with a constant, loud, bombardment of soulful new age rock. Fronted by the female lead singer, Brittany Pie, the band has taken on an all-encompassing personality. Backed by Frank Slifka on guitar, and Redo Ianni on bass/piano, this band has become a Rock N Roll freight train barrelling its way through the hearts of its fans. They stand with you. You have defined them. Together, they are Mixed Company!”


Shot of Love

Roaring into the limelight are ‘Mixed Company’ whose new age rock genre ticks a lot of boxes with a creative melodic enterprise in tow. The presence flows with a dramatic and seductive sense of mouth-watering intensity. Brittany’s vocals are warm, lilting and just great for a rock n roll band.


In Time

Holding a lot of exciting moments that strike with an extremely warm embrace that is drenched in beautiful melodic hues, immediately spark a foot tapping reaction and therefore essential listening!


No Doubt

Is motivated by a rhythmic force that is voracious but in a good tempered manner, that is compelling, backed with sumptuous grooves and lyrics that tell a story. It is a track that is hungry for melodies and keeps on giving right up  to the end.


Dreams in the Black

Is somewhat more atmospheric than the previous three tracks with heavier bass and creative frets. Vocally holds a sneaky lilting and anthemic roar. The attitude is forthright and pushes the energy further with superb melodic textures.



Is totally removed from its rock genre and moves more into a new age with its powerful piano notes. It is a more mainstream track, however, it captures a certain groove that finds the listener reacting to the bands pure intoxicating rhythms.



Is a rather sneaky little track that boasts great groove and powerful rhythms that stem from just a simple Guitar! The beats are steady and propel the song along with the stirring vocal chords from Brittany, whose well-rounded vocal chords give the track its instant appeal.


Here n Now

The choppy keyboard notes are prevalent here along with some deviously powerful beats and solid stable rhythms. It is certainly a bewitching track that engages with immediate effect and offers a superb magnetic feel that simply carries the listener to new heights, with absorbing qualities that definitely linger.



Here are seven tracks that offer a light-hearted stroll with exciting consequences! Mixed Company, like their name, offers a mixed set of tracks with foot tapping in abundance and mischievous rhythms that just get inside your head and don’t want to leave!


It seems this quartet are likely to cause a stir, although, maybe appealing more to an older audience, due to the consistency of the tracks, that are lively, upbeat and matched with an expressive vocal adventure, but none the less compelling and edgy.


This is most definitely ‘New Age Rock’ but with a big heart!




Track List:

Shot of Love

In Time

No Doubt

Dreams in the Black



Here n Now



Brittany Pie – Vocalist

Frank Slifka – Guitarist

Redo Ianni – Bass/Piano

Pete Cangelosi – Percussion/Drums

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