Machinsta Review


Pain of Every Day

7 Tracks

Analogue Trash

Release Date: 16th December 2016

By: Pagan Hel

Machinista – Malmö/Kalmar Sweden


Genre: Electronica



“In December 2012 John and Richard decided to try out a new fresh project besides their other bands. The first result was a cover of David Bowie´s “Heroes”, and the band also did a low-fi video for the song. The feedback was awesome from start and the band decided to move along with own written songs.

The song “Molecules and carbon” followed the same procedure with a low-fi video and also a Soundcloud account to let more people access to the music. Once again the feedback was really good and the band started to have followers on Facebook/Soundcloud etc. Also , like Sideline, Peek-a-Boo and Elektroskull etc. started to encourage the band. On radio stations like Nebelwelten (Germany), and Synthopia (Australia) Machinista already has plenty of spins and more to come!”

“Due to being their final release with Analogue Trash, Pain of Every Day is an expertly crafted tale of sadness and loss, and how we can deal with those emotions by understanding that we’re not alone because everyone goes through the same thing at some point in their lives!”


It’s a very difficult task trying to pick a favourite remix over the original version as there are some great additions in each track. But with most electronica singles or albums, for me, I usually get carried away with the mighty synth rhythms. The lyrics are really catchy and implant into your head too, so good to be able to sing along and believe me it doesn’t take long to learn the words after a few plays.

The Electronic, EBM scene is just alive with vibrant and heavy mixes and although I would say primarily, I am a metalhead and have been one since the age of 15, but now I have acquired a very varied taste since being sent music from all over the world. But synth music has always struck a chord (no pun intended)

The good and usual thing about Electronica is that is can be pop or metal, it just morphs into whatever it wants to be, depending on the vocals, so, in my opinion, you can get everything from bands like these, depending on the mood you are in at the time.

Although this piece of music tells a tale of sadness and loss it is written in such a way that if you don’t listen to the words and just concentrate on the music it can take you away from the message the band want to get across, but that is the unusual twist electronica takes and it is cleverly done. Like with a band called Absaloot (now split sadly) who sang about Christmas Cheer, the music was so catchy – I totally missed the point that it was about suicide!! 

I was introduced to Machinista through listening to an EBM radio station and also through a compilation album called ‘Spacebouy’ the single track I heard was entitled ‘December’ and just as catchy as ‘Pain of every day’ but my words then and now are:

“Synth-pop is pleasant on the ears but for me needs a little more red hot chillies adding to the mix which would take it away from a mainstream listen!”

I am not a big fan of mainstream anything, never have been, and probably never will be, but on occasions I feel it’s good to listen to something different, as it sharpens the taste buds, and Machinista do possess a good strong melodic beat which definitely grows on you, and the remixes especially Cyborgdrive gives you something extra to think about!

There’s one thing that can be said for electronica, it is unusual music with technological twists that some people find obnoxious, and I, however, have always loved it and will continue to do so!







Machinista – Pain of Every Day (Original Mix)

Machinista – Pain of Every Day (Assemblage 23 Remix)

Machinista – Pain of Every Day (Cyborgdrive Remix)

Machinista – Pain of Every Day (Raw Nerves Mix)

Machinista – Pain of Every Day (Antibody Remix)

Machinista – Pain of Every Day (Oren Amram Club Remix)

Machinista – Pain of Every Day (W Trebor Version)




John Lindqwister (Cat Rapes Dog, #366: A Life lived, Dog shit, Basswood Dollies etc.) – Vocals, Lyrics

Richard Flow (ex.Vision Talk, Haze for Sale etc.) – Music

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