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In 2008, Craig (vocals) wrote a song for UFC Superstar Chuck Liddell. Under the name killerfix, he approached Liddell’s representatives with a business that would give Chuck his own personalized fight walk-out song and give Killerfix exposure to USA market without any major investment in PR.


At the time Chuck Liddell was one of the most talked about athletes in America and the biggest paper per view box draw in the sport. Even before a deal was agreed, the association with Chuck Liddell through social networks brought Killerfix stateside popularity with loyal Liddell fans.


Unfortunately, despite being in the final stages of contract negotiations in New York, Chuck pulled out of the deal citing superstition as the reason he ha decided against changing his entrance music.


Despite this setback, Killerfix gained many fans in the USA who had followed the story from the start. Killerfix still receives regular messages from supporters stateside.


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