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From Massachusetts

Isolated Antagonist began just as the name implies. As the lead singer, Glen, was in the blazing heat of the deserts in the middle east with not much besides himself and his unit. Even with his unit though, much of the time was spent with only the background hum of the servers that kept him company more often than people. As time passed, to avoid going stir-crazy an idea was formed and started to come to fruition. At the request of a friend, Nate, back in the States, Glen started writing the background to what became their first album. As soon as Nate heard what the small idea had grown into, he was inspired as well and began creating all the music to go along with the epic that was unfolding in front of him. The music has major influences from both Industrial and Progressive genres and the lyrics themselves come straight from Glen’s own Sci-Fi universe. In their first EP release Engineered Audi Hallucinations, you can hear the songs raw and filled with a solid sonic assault to attack the preconceived notions of technology in our lives and the impact it has.


Once they found a sound of their own, the band created their own full length album, The Isolated and The Antagonist. This was a collaboration of Glen’s storytelling and singing with Nate’s impressive musical talent. It tells the story of the last man on Earth, what brought him there, and what steps he would need to take to make it in on a planet that has turned against him so thoroughly that the dirt beneath his feet was even a danger. This album was released independently and received great praise from online sources calling it “a throwback to old 90’s industrial metal”. While the album was being developed, a novel to help expand upon that universe was also begun which is still currently being written. In 2016, Isolated Antagonist will release their second full length album called Affirmation of Entropy. It will continue the story from the first album and shows the constant development not only of the universe they are bringing to life but also their own talents. This album holds much of the rawness and aggression as the first but there is a significant amount of growth that can be felt even to the most casual of listeners.


Current release:

Affirmation of Entropy

Track listing:

01-Into the Dark




05-New Light Now Made

06-The Archetype Defined

07-Dark Nomad

08-The Infernos Son

09-Words Beyond Time

10-The Protagonist Denied

11-Affirmation of Entropy

12-The Last Death

13-Gather The Past

14-Prototype for Babylon



Recording Line Up



Glen Mitchell- Vocals/story/lyrics

Nate Exx Gradowski- All instruments including bagpipes and music/clean vocals


“The industrial endeavor of Isolated Antagonist more than lives up to its offering’s title next, Infection a contagious causticity of sound and emotion with vocals to match as it worms under the skin and — Ringmaster, The RingMaster Review

Affiliated with:

Bluntface records into the psyche with lingering rewards”


Contact: Glen


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