Impending Lies Review

Impending Lies

The Storm

2 Track E.P

Released August 2014

IL Cover

Impending Lies – Cleveland Ohio


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Genre: Hard Rock  

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“Blending aspects from many different genres of music, the hard rock band Impending Lies is set out to put their unique stamp on the music industry. Based out of the iconic rock and roll city of Cleveland, Ohio, Impending Lies has begun to receive both national and international attention from fans and music professionals alike. The band is known for their chest pounding rhythms, melodic hooks, and high energy stage performances.


Impending Lies officially originated when two old friends reconnected. When guitarist James Skrtich posted a few rough demos online, he caught the attention of vocalist and old friend Matt Hayes. The two, along with drummer Adam Markov, recorded an unnamed five-song EP that began to receive local and regional admiration. Soon after, the band members wanted to add a new dynamic to the group, and enlisted the services of Youngstown, Ohio native guitarist/vocalist Davo Billock. With the nucleus of the group now complete, Impending Lies entered the studio in late 2012 to record their first full-length album, “Until the Lights Burn Out.” While finishing the final stages of the album, IL was invited to share the stage with over 20 national acts on the 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival. Shortly thereafter, drummer and long-time friend Adam Markov announced that he would sadly be parting ways with the band. That left Matt, James and Davo to find the two final pieces of their puzzle. This void would be quickly filled by bassist Noll Hartman and drummer Roger Lewis, both long-time friends and Youngstown natives.


After releasing their debut album in March 2013, Impending Lies has hit the pavement to promote their debut record. Impending Lies has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many notable acts. Among those acts are Shinedown, Godsmack, Staind, P.O.D., Eye Empire, Adelitas Way, Thousand Foot Krutch, 3 Years Hollow, 12 Stones, Digital Summer, Nonpoint, and many more. Playing shows spanning across the north eastern United States, Impending Lies has set their sights not only on the rest of the US, but the rest of the world as well!”


Bad Luck

Formed in 2011 Impending Lies have not been without their woes when their van blew a rear tire and careered into a barrier forcing them into oncoming traffic. Thankfully the band members were spared but their gear took the brunt. With the help of a family owned towing company and garage they were able to get a tow back home. Their thoughts turned to their impending show in Dallas and continued through the night some 200 miles from the venue and there encountered transmission problems but miraculously made it to the Dallas venue. They realised pretty quickly that there was no way of getting back to Ohio.  Davo and Matt decided it would be best to load their gear into a moving truck and make their way back to Cleveland while the rest of the guys flew home so after roughly 36 hours of no sleep, torrential rain and blinding snow storms as well as losing thousands of dollars the guys made it back home safely. With the help of backers on Indiegogo raised $2,562 51% of their desired goal and which allowed the guys to enter the studio late 2012 to record their first full-length album ‘Until the lights burn out’


“Here is a band that has proven their determination to overcome adversity in the most challenging of ways. Nothing could or should be denied them!”


As well as being hailed Band of the Week by ‘Cleveland Scene’ Impending Lies have a sound that is likely to break the sound barrier, being described as having chest pounding rhythms, melodic hooks, and high energy stage performances, and that is not an untrue description when you listen to the tracks they have produced.

The melodies are rife and with an equal measure of aggression, having the added bonus of programming which adds to their monumental sound and not to mention the triple swipe of having three vocals added to the mix, giving them the upper hand in producing such an incredible and addictive sound.

Let’s Go – Has the most amazing sound, incorporating thumping beats and jagged riffs that come together in a haze of glory! Nothing can be denied the band with this track alone! Its powerful and addictive flavour along with incredible vocal flair blends together in a blaze of molten lava and simply irresistible to the metal ear!

Separate Ways – Uses its programming skills to create another super addictive jolt to the system and is a recognisable cover by the fantastic band ‘Journey’ Impending Lies have done the track proud, adding in various sounds that bring the track alive along with great chugs of throttling riffs!

Here is a band that has proven their determination to overcome adversity in the most challenging of ways. Nothing could or should be denied them.

Offering a crisp and unfathomable rhythm with great vocal presentation that is far reaching and dynamic, Impending Lies will have you reaching for the replay button in no time at all.



Track List:

Let’s Go

Separate Ways



Davo Billock – Vocals/Guitar

James Skrtich – Guitar/Vocals

Jim LaMarca – Bass

Chad Heck – Programming/Vocals

Roger Lewis – Drums

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