Furian Review



New Single

PYAR Records

Release Date: 6th October 2016

By: Pagan Hel


Furian – Bradford/Liverpool




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Genre: Hard Rock/Post Hard Core



(Photo courtesy of Paul Fessey)


Furian are a hybrid of all that they believe is good in music and with diverse vocal, drums and guitar work that ranges from roaring to heart-wrenching, Furian deliver a sound like no other to seize the listener. Don’t take their word for it though! Go and listen to the music!


With Furian what you get is a bit of everything and is quite deceptive! For the single ‘Circles’ dispatches a calming but aggressive influence that is extremely hard to ignore.

The band have an eclectic taste in music from Led Zeppelin to the Foo Fighters which is probably why they are so hybrid, but it certainly makes for great listening! The band are a great ‘live’ experience (as seen at the Zanzibar Halloween 31st October 2014 when the band were in their infancy) turning a room full of strangers into a room full of friends as their music burrowed deep. The band have thought long and hard about what direction they want to move in both audibly and emotionally, so it’s a real memorable experience for their fans.

The beauty of the strings begins this multi-dimensional single with clean vocal until it erupts into a beast as the roar is felt. The lyrics are heartfelt and raw and there is plenty of melodic attachments to feast upon.

Holding plenty within its tenuous structure, involving rousing rhythms and seductive qualities that beg for attention, but for me the growl that ushers forth as the single unfolds is particularly pleasing and peaks interest.

The mouth-watering hooks and melodic influences are what make Furian riveting and Circles is certainly a track that is ridiculously addictive and one you will want to play over and over again. A single that chooses to be welcoming one minute and inhospitable the next making it exciting, challenging the mind, body and soul to their limits, but with good reason.

The responses when listening to Furian will no doubt bring a number of components into play as its boldness and emotions run deep, so enjoy this one it’s a winner and will certainly leave you on a high!





Dan Martin-Hall – Lead Vocals and Guitar

Joe Strode – Guitar

Abhi Tee – Bass

Damien Campbell – Drums

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