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I’ve been playing music now for almost 30 years.


I’ve started with bands such as Damaged and Psychicthrob and was playing as a guitarist singer with two members of Gorguts early line up: Steve Cloutier and Stephane Provencher.


Had a side band also with Steve Macdonald(2nd Gorguts drummer) a few years before he passed away.


Still in touch with old schoolmate Luc Lemay(Gorguts actual guitarist/singer) and working with him for album covers artworks or t-shirts.


I’ve spent the last 10 years by making movies as an actor and director. I’ve made around 8 shorts and long play since.


Recently, I’ve decided to jump back in Metal music writting and then started recording my own stuff again in my home studio “Utopix Studios”.


My passion for music has never decreased and though I’ve been in break for some years, I’ve always been in touch with music in one way or another such as scores I wrote for my movies and jingles/recording for radio or TV.


Borrowing “Frank X” name from a musical instrumental project I made at school when I was studying to become a score composer, I’ve then started to create a conceptual album based on mankind evolution putting upfront the humouristic aspect of it. An epic parody of the origin of mankind which unfolds from track to track in a funny manner with awkward characters.













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