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Evenoire - Herons

Evenoire is a goth metal band coming to us from Italy and shows us once again that the Italian metal scene is getting better and better. On the surface they might seem like “just another” goth metal band that serves only to flaunt an extremely talented singer, but listen deeper because there is a lot to like on this album. There tends to be two types of goth metal. The type where the singer is far greater than the rest of the band (Evanescence), and the type where all members of the group are powerful musicians and the singer lifts the whole experience because her dynamic authority is matched by equally powerful playing and song writing (Epica). Evenoire is most certainly the latter. Their second full-length album, 2014’s “Herons” is a commanding and hauntingly beautiful journey. Herons opens with a beautiful flute and guitar melody accompanied by the soft voice of singer and flutist Lisy Stefanoni. After begins the voyage that Evenoire take you on; and it’s a good one. Drops Of Amber starts out with an assault of guitar and double bass drumming. But you never get the sense that Evenoire is not in perfect control of each moment. Every part of the band is showcased at the perfect moments. This is a very musically dense album that is constantly inventive, never drags, and always keeps you guessing. At fifty-five minutes long, this is quite a grand experience that never once feels like it’s simply going through the motions. The best complement I can give this album is that I listened to it several times before writing about it and each time I heard it got better. Regardless of the genre, only supreme songwriters can achieve this kind of musical development. Songs that are very enjoyable on the surface, but continue to get better the deeper you analyze them. Herons shows us how good goth metal can be.



1. Herons

2. Drops of Amber

3. Seasons of Decay

4. Love Enslaves

5. The Newborn Spring

6. When the Sun Sets

7. Tears of Medusa

8. Devil’s Signs

9. The Lady of the Game

10. Wild Females






Marco Binotto: Bass

Daniele Foroni: Drums

Lisy Stefanoni: Flute/Vocals

Alessandro Gervasi: Guitars

Toshiro Brunelli: Guitars


Rating: 9 out of 10


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