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Devil-M was founded by Max Meyer in November 2006 as a solo-project. The interest in movie scores took a decisive influence in the bands vast electronic music style by contributing soundtracks for independent movies like „Die at Dawn“.


In April 2009 May Meyer transformed the project to a Band followed by the Debut-EP “Willst Du sterben” and gigs with Bands like Nachtblut. Magazines like “Workups” and “Zillion” published the song “Lesser” which is for now the bands most popular track. In June 2011 the band released their very first full-length album and continuation to their debut-EP “Kannst Du sterben“ and gather mostly positive reviews about the bands conceptual depth.


Since 2012 guitarist Lars Everwien accompany the line-up. Concerts throughout Germany with Grausame Töchter, Centhron, Vlad in Tears, Angelspit and FabrikC brought the bands awareness increasingly.


For 2014 a new album called “Revenge of the Antichrist“ is set to be released in August this year and combines Industrial Metal with theatrical elements, influenced by Lars von Triers “Antichrist” and Pink Floyds “the Wall”.



2009 – Willst Du sterben (EP)

2011 – Kannst Du sterben (LP)

2014 – Revenge of the Antichrist (LP)






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