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Death By Armborst - Salome

Here we have Death by Armborst (which I’m assuming means Death By Crossbow, and I think that would be a nice clean death) cranking out some pretty good punk and rock riffs, and some originality to it as well. I certainly wouldn’t put it in the “bad” category, and that says a lot about what I think of this release.

I don’t know how to accurately describe the genre of what I am listening to, and that’s fine. There are some good rock riffs going on and that is certainly cool. This album sounds highly polished, as far as production, like most rock music at  this time in the mainstream and otherwise.


Some fast punk(ish?) stuff going on, and interesting lead work for a punk band.


I dig the 5th track, “The Highway”. The vocalist is very good. I could probably compare the dudes voice on this track, to someone such as, dare I say, Blackie Lawless…. The lead work in, “In Dreams” is also worth mentioning. I like the lyrics to the song “Ordinary Men”.


Rock from Sweden, folks. I can’t help but mention bands like Dozer and Witchcraft when I talk about this release, because of the stoney sound overall. Recommended for those of you who want to hear some interesting stoney, and yet fast, punk n roll. 


They have a pretty blasting drum and guitar tone, with a fast pace, yet the vocals seem to pull it all together. It is a short lived release, but it pulls itself together pretty well. 


Have one for me at the next show, guys.




1. Tall & Bowed

2. In Dreams

3. Salome

4. Ordinary Men

5. The Highway

6. Robert Johnson



Fabian Brusk Jahn
Oscar Berg
Johan Albinsson
Joel Bjurbo


Rating: 7.5 out of 10

~Cosmic Cornmeal

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