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Welcome a true Celtic rock band. The women vocalist sing like angels. Everybody is this band are great musicians, anyone who is Irish would love this band. The fist track Fire And Ice, got me into this band immediately. Makes me think I’m in the medieval times. If I had my way this band would be playing with us at every show. Lady Of the lake was great too. Every song on here was great. As a drummer, the drummer on here shows great colors in his playing style. The production is very professional. I love when they get heavy. They are a great band, Guys love your lyrics. You’ll love this. One of the best bands I’ve heard in a long time.



1. Fire And Ice

2. The Moon

3. Lady Of The Lake

4. Valhalla

5. Lost In FairyLand

6. Stone In the Sand

7. Ys

8. Light

9. The Circle



Riccardo: Drums/Percussion’s

Giordana: Vocals/Percussion’s

Coghy: Bagpipe/Bouzouky

Rango: Bass

Manuela: Flute/Keys/Backing Vocals

Thomas: Guitar/Didgeridoo


Rating: 10 out of 10


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