Brutai Review



Transcend Music


Release Date: 25th November 2016


Brutai – London/Reading UK


Genre: Metal/Prog Rock



“Brutai have already begun to plant the seed to their success and have just signed to Transcend Music. 2016 has seen the band go from strength to strength since the release of their catchy comeback single, ‘Deep’. After having been listed in Metalsucks’ ‘Unsigned and Unholy’ and Scuzz putting them on the main playlist and continued support from the likes of Metal Hammer, Kerrang radio/TV, Planet Rock Radio and more – the band have gone on to demonstrate that they could take what they’ve built in the studio – direct to the stage!”


Relapse – rather lulls you into that false sense of security in the fact it starts off quite tame and then it strikes like a wild hungry animal and snares its prey in its vice-like grip! It unleashes an uncompromising attitude that is raw and unfettered and littered with creative imagination.

Deep – forges ahead with a soundscape that cloaks the senses, demanding attention with punishing rhythm and outright drive. Its progressive roots sometimes almost hidden with the meaty slabs of metal that make it so appealing.

Of Ashes – is a super heavy track that leaves no stone unturned. It rocks out with the best of them and taps into a sonic keyboard rhythm that is plentiful as well as beautiful, giving the track a full and uncompromising sound.

Lucidity – rambles in a magnificent void of lush riffs and snarling vocals.  Their fiery sound is brought on by infectious keyboard notes and breath-taking harmonies that really unleashes the beast!

Valediction – is a beautiful masterpiece that glides from the speaker units and calms the soul evolving into a plentiful track with lots to engage in and savour.

Never Change – holds a harsher rhythm as it forces its impacting groove toward the audial, the aspects of such a track have far reaching consequences as the grizzling vocal comes into play and blends with a cleaner vocal edge. However it doesn’t wander far from its progressive roots, but there is a heck of a lot going on in this contagious track.

Dear Emily – employs a solid drum beat and fiery riffs along with a choppy keyboard rhythm. The track soars with emotional aptitude as it runs rings around the senses. Compelling and sensational!

Over Now – moving back to a floaty, dream-like state the progressiveness dominates with solid intervention. The harmonies and rhythms melt together in total harmony bringing a very impressive serenade to the ears.

Visitors – possesses a dark edge that fluctuates between haunting and seductive. The grouchy vocal adds spice to its strong bones and draws on tempestuous emotions to propel it into a barbaric encounter that’s wild and untamed.

The Border – There’s no escape as this track offers slightly calmer moments and then ignites with flirtatious swipes of metal so you never know where it is going to lead.

This album is a snake that can appear almost docile one minute and then strike you down the next. Although it does indeed have direction it just likes to taunt and tease the senses with bruising rhythms and harsh vocals and then softer vocals and dream-like rhythms. Its progressive nature isn’t far away but sometimes far enough away for you to realise that there are metal slices contained in its veins and when you get a glimpse of them they leave you aghast.

It is a riveting album that contains everything from choppy keyboards to strong unadulterated rhythm – Brutai are back!




Track List:



Of Ashes



Never Change

Dear Emily

Over Now


The Border



Felix Lawrie – Vocals/Guitars

Henry Ryan – Guitars

Alex Lorimer – Keyboards/Vocals

Christian Sturgess – Bass

Mathieu Bauer – Drums

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