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2006: Without any musical talent or experience, school friends Love and Jocke form a punk band, alongside bass player Karl and guitarist Rickard. They play their first show ever at Meeths Unga Salonger in Gothenburg. It probably sucked.


2007: Rickard fails to show for a rehearsal and is never heard from again. Söder is recruited as a new guitar player. Later on Karl also leaves the band due to creative differences. Sebbe is recruited as the new bass player and Robert as a second guitar player.


2008: The band record their first real demo.


2009: The band start appearing on punk rock venues in Gothenburg. Their second demo, Brôt, is recorded.


2010: Sebbe leaves the country in order to get drunk in America. Söder takes over the bass, and Robin joins the band as lead guitarist. Sebbe later returns to Sweden, and rejoins the band as a on again/off again tambourine player. The band record an EP entitled “If this one doesn’t scare you… You’re Already Dead!”


2011: “If this one doesn’t scare you… You’re Already Dead!” is released on a dated format called “compact disc”.


2012: Motivation within the band drops to a new all time low. Jocke and Robert leave the band to focus on their hardcore band

TRAMWRECK. Love, Söder, and Robin form the punk band BROKEBACK BOYS. Love and Sebbe also form the prog rock band BLÅ ELD. Bigger Better Bombs are dead.


2013: Bigger Better Bombs are dead.


2014: Bigger Better Bombs are dead.


2015: Bigger Better Bombs are dead.


2016: Sebbe gets the feeling that things might have been left unfinished. He goes on to scrape up the remains of Love, Jocke, Robin and Robert and, once again, Bigger Better Bombs are alive.

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