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Beyond the Martyrs”


Argus - Beyond the Martyrs


Argus is a Heavy Metal band from Pennsylvania. Beyond the Martyrs is their 3rd Full length album. The band has also done two EP’s and demos so they have been around for awhile now. The recording is definitely in good quality.  The music on this album is properly done as well. The screaming guitars are loud and done in good manner to blend in with the bass guitar, superb! The drums has great beats and definitely has a good rhythm to it. And of course the vocalist has a great voice. Keep up the good work guys. Since this album was released in 2013 hopefully soon we will hear something new from these guys.




1. By Endurance We Conquer

2. No Peace Beyond the Line

3. The Hands of Time Are Bleeding

4. Trinity

5. Four Candles Burning

6. The Coward’s Path

7. Cast Out All Raging Spirits

8. Beyond the Martyrs




Kevin Latchaw – Drums

Jason Mucio – Guitars

Butch Balich – Vocals

Justin Campbell – Bass

Rating: 8.5 out 0f 10


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