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The project was born at 2012 in the town of Duaca, Barquisimeto (Venezuela) Crespo municipality under the name of AnfĂ­trite (named in honor to the goddess of calm sea and wife of Poseidon the greek god of the sea) as a Symphonic Power Metal project, originally founded by the keyboardist, poet and composer Sting Weiss and Ana Alvarez, an excellent female drummer. At the same time enters the violinist – guitarist Emmanuel Bastidas after auditioning for the role of lead guitarist. After several trials, enters the brothers Elio and Ericson Escalona (bass and guitar respectively) and the violinist Scarlet, a member of Duaca Symphony Orchestra.

Shortly after Emmanuel Bastidas and Scarlet leave the band, Ericson is the new lead guitarist and Edhduana Dos Santos is integrated for a time as female vocalist contralto, Sting begins to deal with the
guttural male voice. From that time the band’s style change to be defined as an exponent of Symphonic Epic Death Metal genre for its lyrics based on ancient Greek mythology and folk tales of many

In 2013 the brothers Elio and Ericson are removed from the band for personal reasons, leaving Sting and Ana as the only members in the band, from that moment begins a period of restructuring of the project where the singer Sara Rodriguez (soprano registration), is the new female vocalist after leaving his band Fade Away, giving it more substance to the sound of this project with its excellent and melodious voice and shortly Islander Boza “Highlander” , close friend of Sting and MortuoriuM guitarist, is the new lead guitarist , who with his extensive experience in the metal finishes to complement the sound of AnfĂ­trite.

Anfitrite members:
Sara Rodriguez (Lead Female vocalist)
Sting Weiss (Keyboards, Guttural vocals)
Ana Alvarez (Drums)
Islander “Highlander” Boza (Guitars, Male vocals)

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