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Altarium started out in the depths of the freezing Australian winter, in the mountains of South Eastern Queensland. It originally started as a ‘storage device’ for my new discoveries with learning a new instrument, the Synthesisers (and keyboards) – bass being my main instrument. 


After an unprecedented writing speed, I independently released a four track demo online, which was well met and attracted the attention of a few prominent Australian one man metal bands. The writing stage started again for a new record, a debut album, which was finished in September. Fifteen rare copies of The Forest Of Time were released to fans on CD, free of charge. The album was also released online for free download.


After the release of the debut album, the one man metal project Wintercorpse approached me and offered to do a Split LP later down the track, which was written and completed in around five months. As well as this, the ambient/medieval/folk solo project Northwind also approached me and offered to do a split record, which was completed and released in around the same time. More splits are in the works!


Writing has begun for another album, though little information has been released about, apart from the track ‘Through The Forest Of Fear’, up for free stream and download from Reverbnation. I figured I could use this interview to assist with the release of information on this new record.


All Altarium records (except for the Northwind Split) have been re-released through Southern Blasphemy Records, the web label that I am currently signed to, the Wintercorpse Slit LP has also been released with Torn Flesh Records. 

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