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Annalisa Belli and Pierpaolo Capuano began jamming together and founded the band Acidaluna. In this period, many musicians covered instrumentation on these efforts, including drummers, violinists, etc. They also added an emphasis on creating new dynamic and experimental sounds to harness the originality of these efforts… In 2001, they decided to reform under a new name, and Alchem was born


In 2001, they decided to reform under a new name, and Alchem was born. They began working on a demo, (that would ultimately lead to 4 songs) this time singing in English. While all of this was happening, they also began playing shows for their fans in an “unplugged” type setting. In may of 2006 they also received their first review by Italy’s “Flash Magazine.”


In August of 2008, they completed their next demo effort entitled “Shadows”, which featured a collaboration with violinist Manuel. In 2011 the band is ready for another recording and in July the new 3 tracks promo is out, after this they release the first Anthology call “Florilegium”, a collection of pieces constructed out of the previous three demo.


Though Alchem has gone through a number of line up changes, they seem to have found their best groove with the current line up which includes:


Annalisa Belli (vocals)
Pierpaolo Capuano (guitar)
Paolo Tempesta (bass)
Massimiliano Fiocco (drums)



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